Now 200% stalkable, on Facebook


As I hear it, Myspace is old hat, and Facebook is where it’s at. Who am I to contradict? Yesterday I set myself up a nice little account, added my photo and began the laborious task of wasting time.

My first faux-pas was that I inadvertently invited my entire Gmail address book to be my friend. Yes. Friends. Work colleagues. People who I sent hate mail to and maintained their address ‘for the record’. Everyone.

Oh well, I’ll just retract those invites won’t I?

Nope. No can do, says Facebook.

So I delete my account and make a new one, to find that Facebook is yet again one step ahead, and has kindly preserved all my settings and pending friend requests. Super.

I contacted Facebook about this and will report on my findings. In the meantime, I guess I’m just going to have to keep a close eye on that ‘friend’ list!

I am a little amazed at how much is tracked by this thing: appearances in other people’s photos, how I met people, what I say about them. How gay I am or aren’t.

I get a little freaked out by all this, so I’ve been hunting through the privacy options, turning pretty much everything to off. I found a fantastic little article called How to use Facebook without loosing your job, all about protecting your privacy on Facebook, which that I found rather enlightening. Do check it out!

And I’m of course not saying that I’m anti-sharing. I just don’t want freaks and future-employers seeing my nudie runs.

Full disclosure: Jason has never nudie-ran.

Update: Facbook has this to say about my pradicament:

“Unfortunately there is no way to retract a friend request. In circumstances where you may have invited a person who you would not like to become your friend, your first option is to remove the person from your friend list as soon as they accept your request.”

Hats off to Facebook for that nugget of a policy.