How big is my trash?


There comes a time in any teenage boy’s life when they feel the urge to measure their junk.

The same is sometimes true in day-to-day OS X living.

Sometimes when I’ve been on a rampant deleting spree through all my files, I want to know how many megs I managed to knock off my minuscule MacBook Air SSD in order to feel good about myself, before recycling them all to hell.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to check this from the Trash Can itself, but here’s another simple way:

From Finder, Go To Folder (Command + Shift + G) and enter:


This will expose the otherwise hidden Trash folder, allowing you to do a quick Get Info (Command + I) to size it up. (Any folder with a leading period is automatically hidden in OS X).

Snow Leopard is expected to bring improvements to OS X’s Trash, including the ability to restore accidentally deleted files to their original location with one-click.

*Image not to scale