“Attacked by a Duck” Ringtone

I’m a long-time listener of Dan Benjamin and John Gruber’s The Talk Show. It has a different energy to other well-produced tech podcasts, and if you’re comfortable with the frequent silences and John’s common response to questions – “I don’t know” – it has a lot to offer in terms of insight not included by John on his widely praised website, Daring Fireball.

Because of The Talk Show’s low energy, any minor joke made (which might easily be missed) packs twice the punch it might make in any other setting.

A memorable moment for me is hearing an atypically relaxed John Gruber laughing out loud at the sound of boats passing by his “secret location” in Epsidoe #36 titled, “Attacked by a Duck”. And attacked by a duck he was.

So consistent is John’s demeanour throughout prior episodes, that in #36, his relaxed state – whether genuine or faked – to me made him sound like he’d being enjoying a bit of a spliff. A bit of wacky tobaccy. A joint. A cone. A doobie.

Needless to say, I found it to be a breath of fresh air, and I felt compelled to spend a Saturday evening creating a ringtone from these precious moments in Apple/geek media culture, to provide an alternative to that other song.

Enjoy. And thanks for Dan and John for doing what they do each week.

Download “Attacked by a Duck” ringtone.